F-Tube Cabling Solution

we are proud to present a revolutionary approach to installing fibre networks with F-Tube, our pulled fibre solution.


F-Tube comprises of an infrastructure of miniature tubes typically installed within and between buildings. These tubes are called microducts and are used to provide fibre pathways in place of conventional cabling.

Each microduct incorporates a pullcord throughout its length. These pullcords are attached to fibre bundles allowing them to be simply pulled through the tube by hand.

These bundles are provided in multiples of 12 coloured fibres and coated within a low friction jacket enabling them to pulled through the microducts. Fibre bundles are available in all fibre types.

F-Tube is available in different styles of constructions with multiple tubes being held together within a tough outer jacket providing several pathways along a route?

Future Proof Solution

Once the F-tube system is in place, there is no need to install fibre beyond a company’s immediate requirements. Network expansion can be achieved in-line with a company’s growth and infrastructure requirements, by simply pulling the relevant additional fibre through the existing micro duct.
Redundant fibres are easily removed and can be redeployed elsewhere in the network.

Pay as you Grow

There are no upfront costs for future network requirements. Once f-tube is in place, pulling additional fibres through to upgrade or expand can be done quickly and cost effectively only installing the fibre as required.

Minimal Disruption

After the initial installation of the tube no further access is required along the route. This means additional fibre can be quickly deployed without the need lift raised floors and seek appropriate change requests.

Return on Investment

SpliceGroup’s f-tube system removes the initial high costs of implementing a complete fibre network. Through the installation of empty tubes you only add the fibre that is actually required and negate the need to flood-wire data centres with fibre that may become redundant before it is required. These cost savings, along with the ‘pay as you grow’ model, enables businesses to demonstrate a quick return on investment.