Cassette System

The SpliceGroup Cassette System provides a modular platform to splice, patch and connect your fibre network.

The cassette is the heart of our solution and is common across all products from our full optical distribution frames to smaller rack mounted solutions. Accommodating up to 24 connectors the Splice cassette system offers a completely modular solution that makes changing the fibre specification or adding additional connectivity as simple as sliding in a cassette. These same cassettes will also accommodate passive optical devices that can be slotted directly into the frame or rack mounted panels.

Cassette Systems

  • Up to 24 fusion splices as standard
  • Accepts all connector types
  • Segregation between incoming and outgoing fibres
  • Rear hinge allows the assembly to be rotated through 180 degrees for easy access to the underside of the cassette
  • Sliding design allowing access to each connection
  • Colour coded options available for ease of identification
  • Available in left and right handed versions
  • Side facing connectors for additional protection
  • Modular in design
  • F-tube compatible
  • Accommodates passive optical devices.